DDb 91


This issue between ISH and Cersaie has the task to…breathe a little, giving a lot of room to projects, case histories, products and, just to take stock of the situation, some facts… Italian bathroom furniture as a system in 2018 resisted, with a little growth with respect to 2017. According to the preliminary reports by Centro Studi FederlegnoArredo, the total value of the production in the segment accounted for 2.7 billion Euros, +0.5% compared to 2017, while export, with a 47% share equal to about 1.3 billion Euros, recorded a -0.8% decrease with respect to the previous year.

The situation is stable thanks to the value of imports (+7.1% equal to 429 billion Euros) and the increase in domestic consumption (+2.9% equal to 1.9 billion Euros), although households’ purchasing power has decreased over the last ten years. As to international exchanges, Italy’s share in the bathroom furniture sector is among the highest in the main target markets, such as Germany and France, particularly in Germany, a really attractive market for Italian companies. In September, with the usual edition of Cersaie, it will be time for an insight on 2020.

But we will deal with it in the future. Now we allow our readers to unleash their imagination with this stunning new collection presented by Casalgrande Padana, LIMPHA Helix.

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Claudio Moltani