DDN 241


This issue speaks English and American in most of its pages. London
in September, in the design world, corresponds to 100% design, the
most important event in the industry of the UK. The typically English way, used to celebrate design, understood as a social and cultural phenomenon, goes far beyond the commercial aspect of the fair, although this latter is of course important. Design becomes here really famous, a sort of celebrity that shows up everywhere, on the streets, in parks, in the famous museums, disguises herself for the occasion, avoiding restrictions and conformism, according to the dictates of the Anglo-Saxon culture. We, in turn, wanted to celebrate the phenomenon, dedicating a series

of special pages, related to London and its surroundings, to its famous designers, such as Ron Arad, to the new shopping stores, to the numerous young emerging people involved in the major show. As always, the event, keeping one move ahead and with a surprise effect, promises to be a stimulating opportunity not to be missed. From England to the American ‘cousins’, the traceability of design that speaks English goes beyond

the ocean and sends us back from New York other special pages, which describe, in retrospect, the actuality and success achieved during the last design week, that confrmes the Big Apple at the forefront of the market interest for international design, and above all Italian. Explosive and technological, the New York event has exceeded the limits of the first fairs, lighting the metropolis and all its showrooms. Shops, architectural firms, museums, outdoor urban spaces, become for a week the hub of frenetic activities, which mix business with gigs, exhibitions and shows. Once again, Italian design leads the field and increasingly enhances its prestige. A completely different vibe can be found in the three beautiful homes, published in our Italian Living section, where the design language takes on elegant formal and constructive nuances, which are typically Italian. This creativity is once again reaffirmed in Reallyitalian. it, dedicated to the national excellence in the glass and ceramic industry. Enjoy the reading.

Rosa Maria Rinaldi