DDN 240


The whole issue – or almost – is dedicated to an analysis and synthesis of 2018 Milan Design Week. Our report is divided into several parts, to give an overall view of the Salone and Fuorisalone. First of all, a “pleasant view” of Inhabits, the impressive event, conceived, organized and managed by Francesca Russo, Marketing Manager of our Publishing House Design Diffusion World. Therefore, the first part of the magazine is dedicated to companies, which have shown that they know how to achieve success by following the paths of technology and innovation:

the protagonists, “taken by surprise” from the photographer’s eye, have freely narrated their motivations and objectives for the future. To follow a “visionary” story that shows unreleased installations, sometimes true masterpieces, of visual and sensory communication of the Fuorisalone: the scenic appeal is the connecting thread between shop windows, theaters, projections, interior and exterior architectures. The word, then, goes to the rising talents increasingly skilled of the Satellite, of whose we have selected the most interesting works in terms of design. For about 50 products, seen at the Fair, we have searched for a descriptive adjective, which highlights a precise characteristic of each of them:

the result is a sort of lexicon of the qualities of contemporary products. From Eurocucina comes the key word “transformation”: thanks to increasingly sophisticated technological tools, the time dedicated to conviviality grows, while it is reduced that of manual labor. Design Stories, Carte Blanche, Italian Living and Reallyitalian.it participate in the Milan’s Fair, continuing to intrigue and update us on historical and contemporary phenomena and projects of ‘Made in Italy’.

Enjoy the reading. 

Rosa Maria Rinaldi