DDN 245


Never like before, we feel, we want and we have to talk about Europe, as a historical territory, consisting of different cultures based on a common identity. This statement can also be applied to the world of architecture and design in general, of which, in particular, we compare Scandinavia, Germany and France, finding analogies and differences. The occasion is given by the latest and upcoming fairs, respectively in Stockholm, Cologne and Paris, from which start and in which meet the creative drives of the future. From the cold Stockholm come echoes of total openness towards the far east: the famous Chinese designers Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu are guest of honor 2019. In Cologne, a nomination was given to the Australian studio Truly Truly, guest of honor of Das Haus 2019. And then, below, other superb developments of hotels and luxury stores furnished with genuine Italian brands, in the three countries. Young talents, Scandinavians and Germans, form the link between unpublished creativity, held in relation to thematic similarities and technological inventions. We dedicate Carte Blanche of this issue to the famous French designer Emmanuel Gallina, collaborator of our best companies, in the name of simplicity and elegance. Italian Living opens with Casa Milan, a project by Fabio Novembre, and continues with the usual array of style and contents made in Italy. Finally, surprise and news with the pages dedicated to the Trends: warm and winterly, include every aspect of living.

Enjoy the reading,

Rosa Maria Rinaldi