DDN 249


Design is increasingly a multi-purpose, multi-ethnic, metamorphic language connecting different cultures and ways of thinking. Design is therefore a mirror of contemporary society, which uses signs and meanings of a word that continues to make a name for itself. Let’s start with history. Models left abandoned in the drawers re-emerge, re-edited today as unspoiled rediscoveries: indeed, this year’s Salone presented many ri-editions. Let’s move on to the Museum of Design: objects and furnishings undressed to show their own essence, deprived of any element of connection with the contemporary. On the other side, the hangars of Ventura Centrale host authentic scenographic works, in which the object communicates at 360°: it speaks, plays, touches, embraces, moves, interacts with the visitor, in a way that is absolutely not trivial. Technology, which is mostly from Japan, allows to transform a gesture into sound, a material into another, show in a teaching of possible changes of use and function. Lines of visitors speak for themselves: preferences are the result of empathy. A step backwards: many of the apartments / installations where the theme of the house is explained by the decorator / interior decorator, which opens the doors of the house (being his/her home or temporary location) and invites guests among restyled carpets, old-fashioned armchairs, curtains that were considered disappeared, furnishings and drapes, in an atmosphere that evokes the 50s and 60s, updated by the unconventional combination of materials and colors. Talking about the fair: business is always booming here, and this year’s success is confirmed. Multiplied spaces and joint ventures can be one of the keys to interpret the lively trends of companies in the sector, increasingly determined to establish themselves on international markets. Products: endless, of quality, in line with an increasingly standardized market. We’ll talk about all this and much more in our issue dedicated to the Milan Furniture fair.
Enjoy the reading.