DDN 250


In the design world there are two fixed events that mark the time: Milan’s fair in April and London’s, in September. Every year these two European cities are transformed into a single large design event, which literally overwhelms museums, shops, public and private spaces, cinemas and discos. It’s almost a big pop party blending business and fun, inventions
and paradoxes, luxury openings and street improvisations. So, also this year we talk about London: a reportage that anticipates and updates on how and how much Italian design is appreciated in the new showrooms, hotels, restaurants of the British megalopolis. The review is completed by British architectures and local new developments. Again, in the Anglo-Saxon area, we give voice to five London designers, who through our publishing house have visited the best Italian companies: a B2B knowledge to develope contacts and experiences in the sector, thus facilitating materials analysis and processing of Italian products. Of each designer it’s featured an international development. Finally, Italian Living:
talking about Italian homes in non-trivial design terms is a subtle art; we try to select the numerous proposals submitted to our editorial office, in order to highlight a creative and absolutely not random language.

Enjoy the reading.

Rosa Maria Rinaldi