DDN 252

Design from Dubai Israel Lebanon

Accessories and furnishings designed by Middle Eastern artisans and artists, showcased in a collective exhibit in London, at the opening of our special section dedicated to Dubai, have a special flavor. Traditional symbols, local colors and materials are reinterpreted by young designers, who reconnect hands skills with contemporary technology. Islamic symbols can be found in some contemporary developments, following the geometric modularity typical of Middle Eastern architecture. When it comes to
interiors, the situation is quite different, since design homologates the various spaces according to an international visual and decorative style.

Israel is another focus of our magazine. At the opening, Timna airport, in the deep South of Israel, expresses high quality design resulting from an excellent interpretation of the contemporary architectural language, perfectly in line with the morphological and environmental situation.

Finally from Lebanon, another research object, arrive creative and living models that mix local history and innovative furniture. The issue also feature young talents from Middle Eastern countries who, in a brave and creative way, produce their products locally and or in Europe.

As always, Italian Living offers a careful and detailed analysis of interiors, residential developments, offices and resorts, where Italian design is combined with the unmistakable Italian taste. Ph. Moez Achour.