DDN 258

Milano Virtual Design Gallery

The large writing on the cover really goes beyond the catch phrase to which it refers. Virtual is the design gallery, to be explored with your eyes, leafing through DDN, waiting to touch it with your hands. Real and concrete are the featured previews, sure in this way to favor the communication of a process that has not experienced the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Hands and mind have continued to work: the ‘documentation’ we have collected is proof of the limitless energy and determination of the businesses in our sector. The new projects, conceived in the past months, designed and created to be exhibited at the Milan Design Week have continued to evolve and become finished and complete products. Entire ‘Made in Italy’ and international collections were born, ready to be communicated and sold worldwide. Our Gallery must be explored as if we were walking between the exhibition halls, looking at today’s products, while tending to forthcoming tomorrow’s. Milan is still the heart of design: some firms of urban designers opened their doors to describe and show us their new ideas born in these times of isolation. Milano is also the core of our search of entertainment and work places, both public and private: this issue of ‘Milano Living’ highlighted a series of examples, united by the special character that distinguishes the city: practical functionality and sober elegance are the distinctive features, in perfect harmony with the spirit of its citizens.Special attention is paid to the new partnership with IFI, International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, which will be a source of new and unprecedented ventures, the result of the collaboration between our Publishing House and IFI itself. Enjoy the reading