DDN 270

The World Expo, held for the fi rst time in the Middle East, opened last month in Dubai. We found the theme ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ to be very ambitious as well as exciting. For this reason, we looked for its substance, with high expectations, in every pavilion we visited. The chosen subthemes– sustainability, mobility, opportunity – allowed for the division of the 438 hectares distributed between Dubai and Abu Dhabi into three districts, while the Al Wasl meeting hub, which means ‘connection’ in Arabic, was chosen as the heart of the Expo. Progress and prosperity are what we expected from this event because… well, it’s Dubai! However, while strolling among the architectures of the 192 participating countries, surrounded by advanced technology, showiness, strength or beauty, we often found ourselves unable to precisely understand their meanings, sometimes redundant and presented in a confused manner, or not strictly linked to the main theme. So, we stopped and went with the fl ow, guided by the general theme. And suddenly it all made sense. Because the secret lies there, in the connection, which does not necessarily have to do with technology and innovation, but with humanity. Where there is humanity, the pavilions win. And where there is humanity, there is always hope for a better future.