DDN 268

September. Design starts again from here, as well as the city of Milan, great supporter of the Salone week and always involved in the many events it welcomes on its streets and neighborhoods. And also DDN starts again from here, with resolution and enthusiasm, renovated in the last months with a new graphic project, achieved through a silent but effective operation, which not revolutionizes what has characterized it for many years, but updates it and rigorously accompanys its increasingly updated contents. In this issue the focus is of course on Milan: many things have happened in the last year and a half, including new architectures and stores developments, important art and design exhibitions, welcoming hotels and restaurants we report a selection of. Milan is also a favorite destination for designers from all over the world, who have settled down here establishing their own fi rms and who have started here their career. From the Sicilian Vittorio Venezia with Carolina Martinelli, to Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow, Serbian she and German him, up to the Apulian Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio, together with many other well established or about to become popular characters – tell us what means design in the city of design, and show us their latest projects. Finally, in Milan are also based some interior design projects we have chosen to show, all characterized by that unmistakable ‘Milanese’ taste, whether they are in downtown or on the outskirts, in historic or recently built houses. The issue also includes an all-encompassing report on the projects presented during the Design Week, at the fair and in the city, and the new column curated by Enrico Baleri dedicated to the retail world, an appointment that will be with us for also in the future issues. We are also waiting for you at the DDN Hub, our usual event taking place at the Castello Sforzesco, for the first time in the fascinating setting of Piazza del Cannone within the walls, with a rich program of events, exhibitions, debates and awards.

See you soon!