DDN 273

Two exhibitions of amazing designers are a bridge between Eastern and Western countries: Gaetano Pesce: Nobody’s perfect is the performance taking place in Asia, between Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing, while Neri&HU’s tribute to Carlo Scarpa at the Maxxi in Rome. Far East is getting closer to the West: they both know to represent ancient cultures and techniques, and their design taste is getting closer. Natural elements are cornerstones of Far East’s culture, the focus of this issue – let’s think of the theory of the five Chinese elements applied in various fields, from medicine to martial arts, from philosophy to Feng Shui, which can be seen in the way the furnishings are arranged. Even light is crucial in the Asian heritage, that’s why we chose it for our Gallery. This very close connection with nature is contrasted, at the same time, by a keen attention to the use of technology, working it, shaping it, controlling it with great respect. Light, wind and heat are studied to have a scientific knowledge and to be able to design in harmony with what surrounds the user, the materials are processed with incredible techniques to produce unexpected effects, the product parts and architectures are assembled with unique systems such as kumiki. Moreover, very innovative are NFT, non-fungible tokens, non-reproducible digital tokens, which guarantee the owner the ownership of the asset. The whole world is talking about it and we will do it too, starting with this issue dedicated to a territory that has marked it negatively in the beginning, perhaps excluding Hong Kong and South Korea, one of the countries most active in relation to the NFT, whose attention on the subject is definitely increasing. And our attention id growing too. That’s why, we will investigate it more and more, also in the next issues, to understand how the designer and the company can promote products and ideas, and what are the opportunities and hidden dangers.
Enjoy the reading.