DDN 282

Without a kitchen, there is no home. For example, we can sleep in the living room instead of the bedroom, doing without the latter altogether, but the kitchen is indispensable, as is the bathroom. In the next pages, two focuses will help us discover the new product and design trends in these two environments. This issue’s gallery is dedicated to the kitchen and all the technological elements that make it up. From the United States to Germany, from Indonesia to Australia, from Brazil to Portugal and France, together with IFI International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, we list the best tips for bathroom design. WiP Architects help us introduce the theme of the link between architecture and water, for which the firm created a dedicated division thanks to the collaboration of hydraulic-maritime engineers, administrative lawyers, market and yachting experts. The projects explored in this section show the vision of the future – also considering rising sea levels – of ports, waterfronts, offices and residences, as well as the world’s first floating city prototype recently presented at the UN headquarters. As always, the Italian Living section showcases a selection of residential, hospitality, and work spaces, each with its own character, offering both inspiration and the opportunity to watch current trends.
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