DDN Cucine 2018


From a place only addressed to food preparation, in recent years the kitchen has gradually transformed into an authentic ‘kitchen environment’, open and connected to the living room (they have the same convivial ambition), but also reaching other spaces of the house, both physically, and thanks to home automation and appliances interconnected with each other and with all the environments. It was therefore a great intuition and concrete work of companies and designers, who have developed complex solutions, expressed by lines capable of satisfying any aesthetic and functional need, combining at the same time the values of ‘beauty’ with technological features.
On their side, the appliances perform both the classic function (and it could not be otherwise…) and that of connectors to the outside world. Of course, even for a magazine that investigates trends, it is never possible to identify a precise and winning one, suitable for all places and for all … budgets; what we did in this issue, therefore, was a selection of the best products that, then, we are going to see at the Salone del Mobile. One thing, however, we want to say and confirm: the emerging macro-trend, is an increasingly cosmopolitan kitchen environment, the result of cultural contaminations from the great cities of the world. At this point, all that remains is to wish you a good read. And a good Salone del Mobile!

Claudio Moltani