ddn kitchen 2020


For some time now, small appliances have become the real protagonists of contemporary kitchens, increasingly performing and energy efficient. Induction stoves are now replacing traditional gas stoves; the hoods, once considered only for their functionality, are now asked to change their role, becoming elements that customize the spaces; the materials, subject to daily use, are more customizable and resistant in order to be functional, long lasting and hygienic. But small appliances are the elements that nobody now can do without. Even more in this moment of general lockdown, because of the health emergency involving the whole planet, these elements are considered almost essential in the kitchen to ‘survive’ days, weeks, months at home, allowing to satisfy your curiosity and your taste, to experiment, while having fun and at the same time obtaining professional results. In the next pages, a selection of the trendiest products and a selection of interiors that describe the trends of contemporary homes, a focus from Italy to central Europe up to the United States.

Enjoy the reading,

Francesca Russo