ddn kitchen 2021


The Third Paradise by Michelangelo Pistoletto, with its manifesto written in 2003, is the perfect balance between the First and the Second. The First is envisaged as the Eden, where human beings live in total harmony with nature, while the Second is the artificial world, expressed by the advent of cutting-edge technologies that have made it possible to experience objects, places and services never imagined before. In a word, we are talking about the connection between sustainability and innovation, which should be the basis of everyone’s search for a better future. In the kitchen world, this research is becoming increasingly clear and is clearly expressed through the use of materials, shapes and colors that recall nature, obviously environmentally friendly, and built-in home automation to allow a constant dialogue between product and user. Whether in Canada, Ukraine, Italy or Australia, as featured in the new column ‘Living’, the kitchen environments are definitely beautiful but also functional, and tend to ‘individualism’, compared to the contamination with the living room typical of the past years. The kitchen is once again the sole protagonist.