DHD 56


It is good not to neglect buildings of great beauty that have challenged the centuries: their sometimestroubled destiny has changed their features and functions. Many of these edifices, born as homes of aristocratic or rich families, over time have been left
abandoned and grew old, without receiving adequate care to stay alive. Luckily, sometimes it happens that through important restoration works and changes of use, some fine building are turned into hotels, thus making known to many people the architectural and artistic thought of the time. This is something very interesting, especially if you imagine what could be done in Italian cities and villages, rich in historical monuments to be used, as was done in Venice and in other places.
In this issue of DHD, we also published the very successful recovery of an old prison in Germany, recovered and transformed into a comfortable hotel, which, while maintaining the original architectural structure, does not seem to ‘depress’ the guests, but intrigues them informing about original solutions in term of spaces, internal paths and materials used.

Franco Mirenzi