DHD 61


We get back to the subject of architectural recovery, encouraged by this cultural trend which is growing and can be seen in many places, different and far from each other: especially in cities, where the link with social and architectural history encourages the recovery and reuse of old factories, now become part of the urban fabric, or other edifices, designed for functions that are no longer performed today. A very special example is the former JFK airport in New York, designed
by Eero Saarinen in 1955, today transformed into a hotel (TWA Flight Center). Another example of good recovery comes from Valencia, where the airplane hangar has now become restaurant and food shop. In Copenhagen, the old Carlsberg brewery was regenerated and transformed into a hotel, using the most relevant and striking architectural parts, once linked to the production cycle, in the common areas, to allow patrons to participate in that fascinating and unusual, almost theatrical vision. We share and appreciate these design choices, which save high quality buildings from desertion and ruin.
Franco Mirenzi