DHD 63


Most of the times, the relationship between design and nature is unbalanced, favoring interests of the entrepreneur eager to use all the resources of our planet, to become rich and mighty. This is due to ignorance or unconsciousness, and causes ecological disasters that are increasingly evident today.

Most of humankind lives in run-down and disorganized places, lacking any proof recalling the natural beauty that has been destroyed, not understanding that we are living in a nightmare.
The defense of nature, more and more necessary, is also a topic that has struck a chord with marketing and has given rise to behaviors that are sometimes not really friends of the environment: the use of land in agricultural areas to build exclusive residences and to be able to say “living in nature”, in contrast to what may appear, destroys nature itself; it would be better to give the cities green spaces and cleaner air. In this issue are featured some examples of architecture for hospitality, which, with intelligent attention, remind us of how much we need to live the environment with respect and defend it in a resolute way.