DHD 66

How to build another world?

The world we look at with complicit carelessness, made us fanatical subjects of confused behaviors which are really difficult to stand. The need to re-set the whole life system, interpersonal relationships, work, study and the entire social sphere, is an urgent desire. Maybe, this moment of great global imbalance, when not even wars count as much as the pandemic, will manage to do what the rulers are unable to, and only a renewed world culture will be able to found: a new world that frees us from all triviality and meanness of daily life, able to recover great works of art and science from the past, and offer a livable future with serenity and passion. Not everything has to be redone, but a lot must be deleted, first of all ignorance. In this dream, which we do not know how will be actualized, it is quite reassuring to think that the hospitality system evolves completing its services range with the offer of culture, wellness and nature: hotels and Spas are increasingly adding these amenities.