Cultur & Beauty

Culture is nourished by beauty; meditation and study help to understand their meanings; unfortunately, we are not surrounded only by beauty: different cultural levels produce different levels of aesthetic sensibility resulting sometimes in masterpieces, but, gradually downwards, also in awful works. When it comes to architectural planning, the higher the knowledge, the greater the appreciation for the aesthetic and content qualities that concern projects designed to spread culture: from museums, which are established all over the world to gather in ever more spectacular ways the memories of many generations that have lived before us, to theaters, schools and urban parks, that express the need to convert abandoned areas or areas that must be reclaimed, in green areas open to physical and mental regeneration. These operations, which took place already in past eras and formed our culture, are repeated today on a global scale, with massive projects and construction techniques, and are very appealing for a very vast public that considers culture a useful contemporary attitude. The ever wider and increasingly accepted cultural offer becomes an important reason for social evolution: let’s hope so!