Culture, Innovation, Tourism

The editor of the latest issue of ofArch, Teresa Sapey, told us: ” Marzia, my mother’s cousin, was a beautiful woman. She had purple, almost amethyst eyes, and she was incredibly prettyall her life, even when she was ninety. She was very haughty, she didn’t like children, and therefore us kids, never felt at ease with her. But I was fascinated by Marzia, because, besides being beautiful, she was always the most elegant one. She used to wear Ken Scott dresses. Whether it was summer or winter, spring or fall, she was always just dressed Ken Scott. My eyes observed those multi colores patterns and those flowers that invaded the space beyond her body. Ken Scott influenced me a lot: his prints, his colors, his cuts are part of my historical memory. I consider his work as art. We can call it culture, fashion, or design, but the desire to combine colors and shapes, to mix them and own them, are part of my way of thinking, planning, undoing and reassembling things. We created this issue mixing the themes ‘Culture, Innovation, Tourism’ with color in architecture. If you ask me what’s the color of architecture, I would answer white. But consider that white is the synthesis of all colors. Andy Warhol knew it better, and he used seven different shades of white to paint the entrance to his New York house. These seven shades were almost imperceptible to the human eye, but they contained the story of the artist’s visual and space sensitivity. If you’d ask me what’s the color of today’s culture, I would answer that it is made up of a thousand shades of whites, intended as the synthesis of all colors. Today, more than ever, culture is open, transversal and integrated. Finally, if you ask me what the color of art is, I would tell you that it is also white: again, white implies total variety. Today more than ever art speaks to everyone about everything and with everything. Since culture and art continue to evolve, we too are improving in our increasingly multi-purpose and changing, almost chamaleontic, profession. Finally, I would like to stress that for me, and hopefully for you too, architecture has the responsibility of designing by encompassing culture and color. As the great Richard Rogers, who has just passed away, ‘My passion and great enjoyment for architecture, and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it, is because I believe we – architects – can effect the quality of life of the people.