Before starting to think about the theme of social sharing, I asked myself what it meant to be an architect today. There is probably no single answer, but, in any case, one must be a researcher capable of meeting, with commitment and creativity, the demands of society, always maintaining an overall and above all ‘critical’ as well as ‘utopian’ vision of everyone’s needs. As Marco Biraghi says in his book “L’architetto come intellettuale”, the role of the architect is “that of the coordinator, the supervisor, the director (from Latin ‘regere’, ‘to direct’); activities for which it is necessary to have – in addition to individual competences – a broad outlook and a synthetic vision. An understanding and organization of many elements at the same time, for which strong intellectual abilities are required.” But being architects is, first of all, a privilege because it allows us to act on the environment in which human beings live, making them feel part of something bigger, of a community, directing a collective ‘film’ in which each of us can become an ‘actor’ when we feel that our individuality starts to be a constraint. This process implies a sensitivity and awareness of a civic responsibility that is inherent in architecture as a fine response to the needs of the community.
Guendalina Salimei