In editorial offices, everybody has a strong desire for lightness before the holidays, a rough moment to work, overwhelmed by heat and strict deadlines. Hence the desire to investigate what can make one feel lighter, while remaining balanced. The Attico clothes, glamorous and bold in the combinations of materials and colors, make you feel exactly in this way. Or let’s think about the Louis Vuitton campaign to launch the new Horizon luggage that weighs 1.7kg and shows the way of salvation from the constraints of every-day commitments, to reach more pleasant destinations… flying away. Maybe to reach a seaside destination, and surf with the new Superfluid Stand-Up Paddleboard, the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and technology. Drone has become a must-have item on the road. This multi-faceted object is used for virtuous purposes, such as transporting organs from one hospital to another faster than other surface transports, or for playful reasons, such as a photo from above or a very high quality video. Foldable and ultraportable, when closed it reaches the size of a smartphone, gaining useful space in backpacks, bags or suitcases.For Davide Groppi, designer who since the late Eighties conceives and produces lamps, lightness is the idea of loving ephemeral things, which physically appear to be light, even though they aren’t from a material point of view. Hence the inspiration for his collections. These words can also describe very well the pictures of Donatella Simonetti, who is able with her photographic art to remove weight from matter, from copper to brass to aluminum. On second thoughts, lightness can take you throughout the year if you love life and dreams. And if you love life and dreams, you will probably also love the works of Paola Pivi, Leone d’Oro at the 1999 Venice Biennale: playful, delicate, free, instinctive. You can visit her solo exhibition at MAXXI in Rome by 8 September.