Autumn colors are charming, giving character to this season that decorates streets, meadows, vineyards of red, yellow, purple, brown. Rich and eye catching colors are combined with pale and opaque nuances. Through an almost magical process, the incalmo, the colors are combined in Venini’s masterpieces, which celebrates the collaboration with Thomas Stearns in a book that also includes his masterpiece ‘Doge’s Hat’. Color but also non-color, light and non-light, are honored by the Noctambule lamp designed by Konstantin Grcic for Flos: transparent, therefore almost unreal during the day but protagonist at night when turned on Fabio Renato Cammarata, Sicilian jeweler who has worked with the most important Italian fashion houses, experiments colors and metals, which smartly harmonized, evoke fabrics. He sells his products in Italy and abroad and exhibits in prestigious museums. Conscious and deliberate use of color is typical of the Camp style, shown by the bags, clothes, works of the artist Glenda. The same can be said for the installations and performances of Materia Independent Design Festival, which took place in Catanzaro last September, focused on the theme of folklore, vernacular and Mediterranean culture and featured in this issue’s cover. So let’s make room to the colors, to highlight the words of the next pages.