A moment from the past comes back for Bally, which designs its Spring/Summer 2019 collection revisiting ’70s and ’80s archives. The same can be said about the twenty-fifth edition of Artigianato e Palazzo, which will take place in May in Florence to protect the arts and crafts related to the culture of handmade production, where visitors, for example, will be able to learn about the ancient technique of the gold leaf. On the contrary, it takes only two seconds for the Evantra Millecavalli to reach a speed of 100km/h. Time is also the judge of races, like during the Giro d’Italia 1966, won by a Colnago, the bicycle produced by the eponymous workshop in Cambiago, Lombardy, which this year produces a unique piece with hand-finished steel tubes and 24k gold plating. Time stops when relaxing at the Pilates Suite Brera in Milan, a boutique studio that welcomes its clients in a space surrounded by artworks and design objects, caring also for their wellness, offering courses of Pilates, yoga, kick boxing, ballet barre workout. Celebrate! This year the Bauhaus, the German school of architecture, art and design, an iconic movement in this sector, celebrates its 100th anniversary with a tour of Das Totale Tanz Theatre across various European countries, with costumes and choreographies inspired by the forms and geometric shapes typical of the foundation. Chef Heinz Beck was inspired by a quote from Cesare Pavese for his latest project, ‘Attimi’, because he agrees on the fact that we do not remember days but moments. Moments give us joy and the chef, with his dishes, wants to give us joy as well. Enjoy the reading,

Francesca Russo